Vermentino White Wine Nozzina DOC


This delicious white wine is produced from carefully selected Vermentino grapes expertly grown in the sandy soils of Badesi near the dune belt, a saline terroir persistent in the savoury flavour of our Nozzinna Vermentino DOCG. 



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Sardinian wine - Vermentino White Wine Nozzina DOC 75cl

Grapes harvested in the first ten days of October are subject to a soft pneumatic press to extract the ripe juices and adopt a yellow straw colour with dazzling pearlescent green hues. 

With subtle hints of floral and fruit and a savoury yet slightly bitter after taste this prestigious white wine is a splendid match for intense flavours such as our smoked tuna, grey mullet roe bottarga or cheese like our Erborinato blue pecorino

Best served chilled around 8/10 ° C this is a superb choice for starters and appetiser pairings yet also an intriguing combination with various typical Sardinian sweets like our artisanal bars of Torrone.

This wine is all about elegance and ready to redefine wine choices for formal occasions.


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