Cannonau Red Wine Valmell 75cl


Sardinia's maritime climate is perfect for the superb cannonau grapes that make our delicious red wines such as our rich, dry Valmell, produced by winemakers Cantina Santa Maria La Palma. This traditional wine provides a warm and velvety accompaniment to a variety of of red meat, making it an excellent choice to serve with evening meals or a special lunch with family and friends.



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Sardinia Cannonau - The king of Sardinian wine

It's delicious with roast meats, particularly game, and also goes well with our mature cheeses and our wide selection of cured meat products. It has a bright, clear red colour and a hint of tannin in the taste. This full-bodied young wine is 13% – 13.5% by volume and is best drunk at 18°C – 20°C. 

It's the rich, warm colouring that gives this cannonau red its name, since it means “ruby” or “red” in the dialect of Alghero, the home of the winemakers. The richness and clarity of the colour is a reminder that all cannonau red wines contain quantities of health-promoting flavenoids and antioxidants, which is why they are an important part of the island's diet. Not forgetting the delicious taste, of course! 


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