Toasted Fine Fregula 500g


Our versatile toasted fregola is a fine version of our thick toasted fregola, a true Sardinian speciality! Made from the finest durum wheat semolina, fregola is a store-cupboard pasta essential. This smaller toasted version is great in salads, clear soups and sea food dishes.



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Sardinian pasta durum wheat - Toasted Fine Fregola (Fregula) 

Get creative this summer by combining cooked, cold fregola with chopped celery, nuts, tomatoes and other favourites for a fresh pasta salad. It's the perfect alternative to cous-cous or rice for a tasty summer lunch. Like all our versions of fregola, when added to rich, tasty tomato and fish dishes, it absorbs and enhances the juices and flavours.

As a great alternative to noodles in soup, stir cooked fregola through broths and clear soups for a Sardinian flare. Fregola is famously adaptable, you can use it in all kinds of dishes with a range of spices and flavourings, from chili and garlic to herbs and our special island-grown saffron.

As well as drawing out the flavour and juices, it adds depth and a certain robustness to the meal. Try out each of our types of fregola in different seasonal dishes.

We can guarantee that once you've tried it there'll always be a packet to hand in your larder.


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