Organic Taccone Pasta 500g


Each type of pasta has a unique quality, and a purpose to fill. Perhaps you are searching for that sophisticated element. Originating in central Italy and a popular choice in the Tuscan region is our organic Taccone pasta. More commonly suited to dishes with rich earthy ingredients like our organic porcini sauce or something a bit meatier.



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Sardinian Pasta durum wheat - Organic Taccone pasta

An honoured member of our artisan organic pasta range, these chic frilly squares can transform any sauce into an elegant recipe. The short ribbon shape has an unconventional factor that makes a stylish plate of layers and sauce, much like a deliberately toppled lasagne without the need for baking.

A great match for our organic artichoke and walnut sauce, the smooth delicate flavours are a great compliment for the rugged texture of these dramatic squares. To add a little extra creaminess why not add some of our Gran Goceano Pecorino. Sometimes less is more and these simple yet beautiful squares are ready to prove it in your kitchen.


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Durum Wheat Semolina*, Water ORGANIC PRODUCT*

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