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Squid Ink fregula pasta 500g


An aesthetically stunning choice for all fresh seafood dishes, as the flavour complements the ingredients, making it ideal for an evening meal with friends and family. Serve with our Vermentino Nozzinna' or Vermentino Renabianca Wine. 

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our Chef Antonello: Squid ink fregula with gray mullet roe Bottarga.




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Squid Ink fregula (fregola) pasta - Sardinian pasta durum wheat 

Squid-ink pasta is still one of the best-kept secrets around. We're not surprised that leading international chefs love this special pasta for its visual impact and subtle hint of the sea. Here on the island of Sardinia we've always enjoyed Fregola, “Sardinian Cous-cous”, made from the best durum wheat semolina and squid ink (nero di seppia), especially with our delicious range of fish sauces. Try it with our tuna sauce (sugo al tonno) for an authentic taste of the Mediterranean!

Those of us who live on islands or near the coast appreciate it as a reminder of the bounty of the sea and how important it is to make the best use of everything this precious resource provides. Even better why not soak up the freshness and add it cold to a crunchy salad.


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Durum Wheat Semolina, Squid Ink 2%, Water

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