Thick Toasted Fregula 500g


If you've already tried fregola, our delicious and versatile Sardinian durum wheat mini-pasta, you'll find our thick toasted fregola gives you even more! It adds substance and a lovely fragrant toastiness to dishes.



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Sardinian pasta durum wheat -  Thick Toasted Fregula (fregola) di semola

This fregola comes in large pearls that can be cooked, drained and added to many dishes, both hot and cold. 

Add this hearty fregola to emphasise seafood dishes. Traditionally combined in a cuisine of shellfish, tomato sauce and fresh herbs, it absorbs and enhances the flavour of all the ingredients.

You'll find it an ideal addition to supper dishes when entertaining friends and family for the evening.

For an authentic seafood dish, cook it with some of the island's famous produce, such as saffron, which adds a rich colour and fragrance to dishes and serve with a white wine from our selection.

Our special Sardinian pasta may have arrived with the Phoenicians or Carthaginians, or it may date from even earlier times.


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Durum Wheat Semolina, Water

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