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Organic Rigatoni Pasta 500g


There's nothing quite like rigatoni pasta when you want to serve the richest, creamiest sauces. This substantial tubular pasta really embraces the sauce, whether you're creating an oven-baked pasta dish or your favourite stove top special.

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our chef Antonello: Organic rigatoni, cheese and pine nuts!



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Sardinian pasta durum wheat - Rigatoni

Our rigatoni pasta is made from the finest organic durum wheat semolina. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans, so everyone can enjoy the taste. Used in oven-baked pasta recipes, it is a great alternative to lasagne sheets or penne pasta when you want to create a heart-warming dish for family and friends. It's delicious with chunky vegetables in a rich tomato sauce and equally at home with lamb and other meats. It’s delicious with a variety of sauces like creamy mushroom or a fish sauce. 

The name comes from the ridges that run down the sides of the pasta, which help to hold the sauce so well. Most authorities agree that rigatoni originated in central Italy, possibly in the area around Rome. Now this popular pasta is enjoyed throughout the country - and the world! It's a strong favourite in the south of Italy and in Sicily.


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