Organic Trofie Pasta 500g


Trofiette is a classic short, thin, twisted pasta originating in northern Italy in the region of Liguria. You guessed it, that’s also the birthplace of basil pesto so you can imagine how well these go together. 



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Organic Trofie Pasta - Wheat Pasta Senatore Cappelli

The trofiette pasta is said to have been created in the town of Recco, close to Genoa and traditionally made by the woman of northern Italy by sitting by the water, twisting the pasta whilst waiting for their husbands and sons to come home from fishing. Typically, thinner at the ends with a chunky middle this pasta is best when boiled together with green beans and potatoes and pesto stirred through when drained.

Not only is this traditional and delicious pasta an easy dinner solution for all the family to enjoy it’s also organic. Made from the finest organic durum wheat and this gorgeous pasta is a modern staple in northern Italy and should be in your cupboard as well. It’s also great in fishy, vegetarian and creamy pasta sauces.


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Durum WHEAT Semolino and water

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