Malloreddus Pasta 500g


Malloreddus pasta is the authentic pasta of Sardinia, with history and romance in every bite!

Made from wholesome durum wheat semolina flour, its unique shape is instantly recognisable and suitable for vegetarians.

One story is that its name derives from the Latin for "little morsels", while another says the scrumptious little pasta shapes are like small fat calves ("malloru" in Sardinian)



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Traditional Sardinian pasta durum wheat - Malloreddus 

Tinted with the island's famous saffron, the pasta glows with colour and is the perfect accompaniment to Sardinian sausage dishes such as Malloreddus alla Campidanese.

There's a practical side to the shape too: it cleverly holds the ragù in its little striations to make sure every bite is full of flavour.

The distinctive indentations of the pasta result from the way it was made in the home. Sardinian housewives rolled the pasta against wickerwork or reed baskets, and every household would have a different design.

Traditionally, newly married women would take a basket of the delicious gnocchi-like pasta to share with their husbands in their new home.

It's first choice when recreating authentic Sardinian pasta dishes.


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Durum Wheat Semolina, Water

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