Linguine Pasta 500g


Originating in the region of Liguria, Linguine has made quite a name for itself globally. Traditionally this stringy pasta is served as a pesto pasta or a seafood dish however the combinations are endless.



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Sardinian Pasta durum wheat - Linguine pasta

Of course there are times you could look in the cupboard and mistake this or spaghetti but Linguine (meaning little tongues) actually differs as it’s more like spaghetti that has been flattened. 

Said to have started to make an appearance in the 1700’s, for however often we see it, Linguine is still very much an integrated part of Italian culture. A traditional Linguine dish, popular during festivities, with pesto, beans and potatoes is still a beloved Ligurian family recipe used today.  

Go ahead and try your hand at putting together an authentic Ligurian dish with your own twist. Stir some Linguine with our organic basil pesto, throw in some cherry tomatoes and pick your seafood of choice. Don’t forget to tie it all together with a refreshing glass of Vermentino white wine.

Another our delicious recipe is "porcini mushroom linguine": buy all the ingredients in the recipe package and try it!


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Durum Wheat Semolina, Water

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