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Fregula di Semola 500g


If you want to make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with Sardinian essentials, our fregula (fregola) di semola is one to include. This miniature pasta is very versatile. Made from durum wheat semolina that's shaped into tiny round pieces, it can be added to soups, salads and broths.

It's somewhat similar to couscous, which means it can be used in the same way. It's a tasty, nourishing addition to a variety of dishes.

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our Chef Antonello: Fregula, red chicory cream and salted ricotta.




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Sardinian pasta durum wheat - Fregula (fregola) di semola

It compliments traditional Sardinian bottarga (cured fish roe) beautifully. Cook it and try it cold in a salad instead of pasta or rice, with fresh celery, tomatoes and raisins. A great choice in autumn soups when you want something more substantial than a clear summer soup but aren't quite ready for a big winter warmer.

This Sardinian pasta was traditionally made by hand at home, then toasted in the oven. Some say it was brought to the island, possibly by the Phoenicians or Carthaginians, while others argue that it's indigenous. Most agree that the name is from the Latin "ferculum", meaning crumb. 


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Durum Wheat Semolina, Water

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