Organic Calamarata Pasta 500g


Our organic Calamarata is a solid favourite for seafood recipes. The shape strongly resembles sliced calamari and it is thought that is where the name derives from. It’s used in a traditional dish named after the pasta itself “La Calamarata” which is, true to its roots, a dish of calamari and calamarata. 



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Sardinian Pasta durum wheat - Organic Calamarata pasta

However, let’s not pigeon hole this charming pasta as it is also a popular choice to be served with other seafood, vegetables sauces and cheese sauces. The combination of the shape and texture means you can enjoy your sauce, vegetables and fish in every spoonful. The coarse exterior grips the sauce while the fillings hide inside the rings, so every mouthful is a brilliant fusion of ingredients.

Have a go at making a classic calamarata dish at home; sautee your calamari with chopped onion and garlic in a splash of our extra virgin olive oil, combine white wine and some of our organic double concentrated tomato paste and simmer on a low heat with cherry tomatoes then fold it all together with our organic calamarata al dente. 


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Durum Wheat Semolina*, Water ORGANIC PRODUCT*

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