Organic Red Fruit Smoothie


One of the best parts of the Mediterranean in the sun-kissed exotic fruits packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants. The organic red fruit smoothie is a revitalising lift entirely made up of organic fruit, grown in symbiosis with nature. 



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Only naturally sweetened with the actual sugars of the fruits themselves there’s no better way to take a sip of nature! Healthy and nutritious, this blend of red fruits is a party of flavours. Made with Strawberry, Raspberry, Black Cherry, Apple, Rosehip, Cranberry and grape, let your taste buds be refreshed with this smooth beverage. Great for taking on the go, in packed lunches, after workouts or just as a fruity treat.

Suitable for vegans and with no major allergens this bottle of joy is a terrific pick-me-up for anyone. All natural, all organic and ready to go … just tiny bottles of sweet goodness.


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