Organic Mixed Nut Chocolate Coated Torroncini 125g


If you've ever visited Sardinia, you'll know that nougat can be found at markets and shops throughout the island. While differing histories are related about the origin of nougat, there's no doubt that Sardinia has taken this mouth-watering sweet treat to its heart and made it one of the island's most treasured traditions.  

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There are so many types to choose from it's hard to decide, but there's no need to worry about that with our bag of chocolate coated nougat miniatures, which contains a selection of walnut, hazelnut and almond flavoured nougat. 

Our organic chocolate coated Torroncini are made in Tonara, a village famed for the production of torrone. Here, in this home of skilled artisans, surrounded by hazelnut and chestnut trees, nougat is crafted from honey, nuts and egg whites. 

Traditionally eaten in Italy as part of the Christmas celebrations, our brightly wrapped organic Torroncini make a lovely gift at any time. 

Why not serve them to your guests at the end of a meal - they'd be the perfect end to a Sardinian-themed banquet based on our meat, fish and sauces.


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125g bag
Honey*, almonds*, hazelnuts*, walnuts*, dark chocolate* , milk chocolate*, egg whites*, mirtus flavour*, lemon paste*. * ORGANIC PRODUCT
Almond, Hazelnuts, Walnuts-(NUTS), (SOYA), (MILK), (EGGS)

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