100% Organic Arabica Ground Coffee 200g


Along with it’s fame for food and wine Italy is also well known as the coffee capital of the world. The no fuss attitude to this elegant beverage is what we all strive for. The simple goodness of a cappuccino in the morning or an espresso on the go is all contained in our bags or 100% organic Arabica ground coffee. 



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Arabica coffee is thought to be the first species of coffee bean to be cultivated and still today represents roughly 60% of the worlds production. 

Not only is coffee one of the most social and sophisticated drinks of modern day but drunk in moderation the health benefits are also numerous. Increased activity and a sharp mind can aid in weight loss, improve heart and cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s as well as reduce depression. 

Give our organic ground coffee and go and feel the spring in your step!


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100% Organic Arabica Ground Coffee
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