Sardinian desserts & coffee

Sardinian Desserts.

Sardinian desserts: Original tasty sardinian sweets: torrone, formagelle

Sardinians are famous for their food culture and the food of Sardinia routinely follows the seasons. Climate, festivals and the animals play a huge part in traditional recipes. With Sardinian cooks and bakers being guided by the freshest produce the season has to offer there is something special all year round. During festive seasons Sardinia steals the spotlight when it comes to traditional sweets, but now you can enjoy these glorious desserts all year. Formagelle is the sun shaped Sardinian baked cheesecake in a light pastry base. A soft golden pecorino centre with an underlying flavour of citrus and sprinkled sultanas. Typically, an Easter treat however we think it’s too good to only have once a year. In the winter we give the gift of Torrone. Torrone nougat sweets made from honey, sugar and egg whites embedded with whole almonds and hazelnuts are a popular Christmas treat. With many Sardinian families making their own with slightly different recipes this authentic dessert is becoming known worldwide. For sharing, gifting or simply treating yourself why not experience the seasons the Sardinian way.

Sardinian desserts & coffee

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