Smoked matured ricotta 200g


Our mature smoked ricotta cheese has a big following among cheese connoisseurs and described as “cheese heaven” by some of our professional clientele! They value the soft consistency of this ricotta - and of course the smoky taste is incomparable.

This exceptional cheese is a great choice for a special cheeseboard and adds unique flavour to cooking. We love it in pasta dishes, in salads and simply on its own with our pane carasau, either toasted or plain. In any case, a little drizzle of our lovely balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil makes it even more delicious, if that's possible!



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Smoked matured Ricotta - Sardinian cheese  

It's the way our Sardinian sheep are raised in a totally natural environment that makes this cheese so special.

The flocks are free to eat a range of herbs and grasses that they need to produce milk of exceptional quality. Our artisan cheese makers then create a white cheese with a distinctive buttery texture, before smoking it over a fire of traditional herbs and shrubs of the Mediterranean coastline to produce the delicate and aromatic taste. 


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200g approx
Whey of sheep’s milk, salt, vegetable rennet, natural smoke

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