Sardinian pecorino cheese - Monte Limbara 200g


A favourite among our loyal customers, Monte Limbara is a young, medium-soft cheese made from the milk of our free ranging island sheep.

Taking just 30 - 90 days to mature, this cheese has superb taste and texture, but what makes it truly unique is its versatility.

Also a great option for vegetarians as it's made with vegetable rennet  and perfect for those who enjoy getting creative at meal times with a cheese that's a cut above the ordinary. 



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Monte Limbara  - Sardinian Young Pecorino cheese

This white cheese has a unique texture that is firm, yet also rich and creamy, perfect to try with any of our preserves.

Whether you choose the low sugar fig preserve or the extravagant quince jam, we're confident your choice will pair beautifully with this cheese as the preserves have been specially created to complement our Pecorino range. Monte Limbara is aromatic and subtle, due to the range of natural grasses and herbs to which our flocks have access all the time. 

Perfect for melting it's a favourable option for a range of cooked dishes. Alternatively, try some Monte Limbara lightly toasted on pane carasau to accompany a delicious soup made from our organic beans selection.


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200g approx
Pasteurized sheep's milk, bacterial culture, salt, vegetable rennet.

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