Sardinian pecorino cheese - Monte Lughente 200g


This young pecorino matures in just 30 to 60 days to a fresh, sweet-tasting cheese. It's the beautiful natural grazing of our island that makes Monte Lughente cheese taste so good. Our flocks of sheep graze freely in the meadows of Sardinia as they have done for thousands of years, which means our cheese makers have had centuries to perfect their artisan methods. 



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Monte Lughente - Sardinian Young Pecorino cheese

This cheese is suitable for vegetarians as it's produced with vegetable rennet. It's a white, firm textured cheese that cuts easily to release its wonderfully aromatic flavour with a hint of fruit, due to the sheep having free access to an indigenous range of grasses and herbs, and it shows in the quality of this product.

We love this Sardinian speciality cheese with any type of bread, including our deliciously crisp pane carasau, partnered with our quince preserve for a tangy sensation. Make a salad with some baby lettuce leaves and herbs and add a simple dressing of our balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to try with this exceptional cheese. In Sardinia, it's a delicious way to end a meal too, particularly if accompanied by a sweet and juicy pear.


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190g approx
Pasteurized sheep’s milk, bacterial culture, salt, vegetable rennet.

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