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Sardinian Blue Cheese - Erborinato Sardo 200g


For many people, a cheese board is not complete without a blue cheese, but why not make your platter even more extravagant with our Pecorino Erborinato Sardo?

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our chef Antonello: Organic Rigatoni, cheese and pine nuts.




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Sardinian Blue Cheese - Matured Sardinian Blue Cheese 

Made from pasteurized free-range sheep’s milk our Erborinato is perfectly tangy, rich in flavour and even comes with the aroma of a great blue cheese. It’s a beautiful artisanal product with its subtle green marbling running through a soft white texture which is ideal for spreading, crumbling, melting and adding to recipes.

The versatility of this cheese combined with its superior flavour makes it a great all-rounder for the cheese lover and if you’re looking for some pairing solutions why not try it as the star of your antipasti board with our vegetables in oil, Pane Guttiau and a sweet glass of our full bodied Cannonau red wine.

Even during the colder months have a go at enhancing its qualities in a hot meal: who can resist a creamy blue cheese and broccoli soup?


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200g approx
Pasteurized sheep’s milk, bacterial cultures, pennicilim roqueforti, rennet, salt.

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