S'ampulla cheese


If you love sampling new cheeses, you won't want to miss the unique shape and buttery flavour of our Sardinian s'ampulla cheese.

Neither too firm, nor too crumbly, s'ampulla is created with the milk of young cows from the island's traditional dairy cattle breeds. Our cows live in the most natural way to produce the same smooth and tasty cheese that our ancestors knew.

“S’ampulla” meaning flask in Sardinian is owing to the traditional shape of the cheese. 



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S'ampulla cheese  

Because we use vegetable rennet, this cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

It's particularly tasty with our pane carasau and a choice of our delicious preserves, such as organic fig and walnut chutney. This cheese presents an undertone of hazelnut with a delicate texture. If you enjoy eating cheese as part of a late breakfast or brunch, s'ampulla is a great choice as it's not too strong yet has a very distinctive flavour. It's just the thing for a leisurely lunch too. 

It's true to say we love our cheese and cheese-making traditions in Sardinia, including individual cheeses produced from cows, sheep or goats. Try our authentic country s'ampulla on a cheeseboard at your next party!


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600g approx
pasteurized cow's milk, vegetable rennet, salt

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