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Ricotta salata 300g


We’re sure you’ve tried our mature Ricotta but have you tried salted Ricotta. This delectable cheese is a stunning ingredient for an array of dishes.

Owing to the fact that the taste is rather salty, it is more commonly used as a cooking ingredient than as an appetiser, and naturally lifts the flavour of the dish. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to make some home-made ravioli.

Our Ricotta Salata is made from the whey of sheeps milk, pure white in colour, mature and made following our ancient artisan principles.

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our Chef Antonello: Fregula (Fregola), red chicory cream and ricotta salata. 




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Fresh Ricotta Salata Cheese  

It's suggested even the Romans made Ricotta however it was more likely that it wasn't a marketed item due to its freshness, it was most likely eaten by the shepherds of the time who made it.

Like our other ricottas, this soft delicacy is ideal for grating over dishes ready to be served or even ones ready to be baked a little longer, where you can see the shavings crisp and golden.


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300g approx
Sheep’s milk whey, salt.

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