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Ricotta Mustia Matured 200g


There’s no cheese quite as favoured as our matured, rustic Ricotta Mustia. A top favourite choice amongst some of the UK’s most prestigious professional chefs!

Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe recommended by our Chef Antonello: Organic rigatoni, cheese and pine nuts!




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Ricotta Mustia | Matured Ricotta Mustia 

Made from the whey of Sardinian sheep’s milk, the taste of free-range, ancient cheese making is what make this cheese so popular.

Our Ricotta Mustia is adaptable for experimental and classic recipes. Although it has a soft and buttery texture it’s structurally solid making it perfect for cutting easily with less of the mess.

Ricotta Mustia has a gentle aromatic flavour that compliments everything, it’s great for filling fresh home-made pasta and grating on top of a dish, but don’t underestimate its ability to stand alone. Cut into chunks it's very moreish and an impeccable staple choice when sharing a cheese board with friends and family and has the delicacy to charm anyone’s palate.

How about trying it with our orange chutney with chilli for those days where you’ve got a cheesy craving? 


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200g approx
Whey of sheep’s milk, salt, vegetable rennet.

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