Pecorino Sercoro - Sardinian smoked cheese 200g


It’s no secret that we host a proud range of Pecorinos, and firmly taking its place is our Pecorino Sercoro.

This delightful young cheese is just the ticket if you’re looking for something authentic with a novel flavour. This cheese is lightly smoked and expresses an honest rustic smokiness with a palatable soft texture. 



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Sardinian young smoked cheese Pecorino Sercoro

Pecorinos come in an array of textures, maturity and flavours sometimes it’s hard to choose.

So why not put them together on a cheese board and take some time getting to know them. We reckon the Sercoro will make it into your top ten. Much like how the British are big fans of cheese and crackers, Sardinians have the amazing Pane Guttiau to pair up with their special cheeses, but this isn’t just for special occasions.

A plate of Pecorino and Pane Guttiau is welcome all year round and why not finish off this communal snack with some of our cheese accompaniments. Maybe you had bigger plans for our smoky secret... when melted it’s the smoothest, smokiest ingredient perfect on top of any recipe.


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200g approx
Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, vegetable rennet, natural smoke.

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