Organic Young Pecorino 200g



Our organic young pecorino takes only 30 days to mature into a delicious, slightly sweet-tasting cheese. This tasty pecorino is made from the milk of sheep shortly after lambing season, so it's fresh and full of nourishment. Its colour ranges from ivory to a buttery white, and our cheesemakers use vegetable rennet, so this product is suitable for vegetarians.



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Young Pecorino - Organic Young Pecorino Cheese

A heavenly choice served cold on a cheese board or delightful when melted on our Sardinian faltbread or pane carasau. It makes a lovely starter or light lunch with some herbs, such as finely chopped myrtle, which is a traditional accompaniment. Keeping it simple allows you to fully enjoy the gorgeous taste of this cheese although adding a glass of our young red Cannonau, or rosé if you prefer, are both equally delicious with young pecorino. 

Pecorino cheeses, both young and mature varieties, are one of Sardinia's specialities. Cheesemakers on the island are able to draw on centuries of expertise to create these outstanding products. The big secret, though, is the quality of the pasture over which the sheep roam and graze freely. It has all the grasses and herbs that they need to produce the highest quality organic milk, and that's what makes our pecorino exceptional.


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190g approx
Pasteurized organic sheep’s milk, bacterial culture, salt, vegetable rennet. *ORGANIC PRODUCT

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