Organic Matured Pecorino 200g


Our organic mature pecorino takes 120 - 240 days to reach its ideal flavour, and once tasted, it's clear why it's one of Sardinia's most sought-after products. It can mature to a deep, almost primrose colour. The cheese has a slightly sweet flavour with a hint of spiciness, and a firm consistency.



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Matured Pecorino - Organic Matured Pecorino Cheese

Unlike our organic young pecorino, which matures in a short space of time and is best appreciated while still young, our mature pecorino is a versatile larder staple which you'll find in many homes in Sardinia.

Of course, you can enjoy its delicious flavour and pleasant, aromatic scent as a table cheese, and we'd thoroughly recommend our mouth-watering red onion chutney as an accompaniment.

This is also a superb cooking cheese when grated over soups, pastas and other dishes as well - it's delicious.

Whatever your preference, it’s always best paired with a glass of our Cannonau. 

The quality of the meadows and hills where our island sheep roam freely and graze as they have done for centuries is what makes this organic cheese very special.

It's a pecorino with Sardinian history at its heart! 


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Unpasteurized sheep's milk*, salt, rennet*. *ORGANIC PRODUCT

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