Sardinian Cheese

Sardinian cheese: Ricotta, Pecorino

Young and seasoned Sardinian cheeses - Pecorino, blue cheese, ricotta

The cheese of Sardinia is part of an ancient culture and we strive to represent this in our lines. The island is famous for its extensive variety of cheeses, particularly Pecorino! Whether you’re looking for that smooth creamy consistency or a mature kick, our outstanding selection has got something special to offer the cheese-lover. Indulge in a sharing board with friends and family or try them in your recipes, the versatility of our cheeses is limitless. Perhaps it’s due to the way we nurture our flocks of sheep, ensuring they always have access to the finest organic pasture that’s rich in the herbs they need. Or possibly the care we take in maturing our cheeses using time-honoured methods. There’s a little bit of history in all our cheese like our charming S’ampulla, a flask shaped delicacy made with the milk of young cows from our native island breed. When it comes to something unique, we lead the way with specialities like our blue tangy Erborinato or spicy pecorino with chilli flakes. The proof is in the taste!

Sardinian Cheese

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