Pane Guttiau


Could anything be crisper, thinner or even more delicious than our pane carasau? Admittedly, it's a hard act to follow, but we think our pane guttiau with olive oil is an essential too.

A traditional flatbread so delightfully thin that it truly deserves its translation as music paper bread. This variant on Sardinia's unique shepherds' bread is made using salt and olive oil so that it maintains the traditional crunch, with added flavour. 

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Sardinian crisp bread - Pane Guttiau

A popular combination with cheese, meat and fish; try it with our pecorino, sheep's milk cheese, or caprino, our mature goat's cheese. They're equally delicious cold or toasted on pane guttiau with one of our delicatessen specialities such as wild boar sausagesmoked tuna or swordfish. It’s the perfect choice to compliment a colourful range of flavours. 

Pane guttiau is just one of the traditional flatbreads of Sardinia that was made for shepherds to take with them into the mountains while grazing their flocks. Producing the flatbreads requires great skill and creates a long-lasting bread with an amazing crunch. Archaeological evidence suggests similar breads have been made on the island for 3,000 years or more. 


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Durum wheat, water, olive oil, salt, yeast.
May contain soya

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