Pane Carasau 250g


Globally known as “music paper bread” it’s the moreish cracker like food you never knew you couldn’t live without. For Shepherds in Sardinia this was literally the case. An ancient staple food made by the women for their men looking after flocks for long periods, it was designed to provide sustenance and last.

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Sardinian music paper bread - Pane Carasau

Consumed by itself or with slices of meat and cheese it makes a light and delicious year-round snack. We like to use this by moistening the sheets to form a wrap of pecorino and prosciutto, then re-bake it to crisp it up again.

Pane Carasau is also used as the main ingredient in a truly Sardinian dish, Pane Frattau. Topped with simple Datterini tomato sauce, poached egg and some grated pecorino cheese, it is a perfect example of Sardinian cuisine.

Have a go at making your own crispy creations!


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durum wheat semolina, water, yeast and salt
Free from allergens

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