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Organic Rigatoni, cheese and pine nuts
  • Organic Rigatoni, cheese and pine nuts
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Recipe Box Organic rigatoni cheese and pine nuts


Take a look at this fast, simple and delicious recipe recommended by our Chef Antonello. With this recipe pack we make a hearty and elegant meal achievable in minutes. A fantastic dish with all the character and flavour to leave a lasting impression at dinner time. Suitable to serve 4 why not get your friends and family together and share the authentic taste of Sardinian cuisine.


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Organic rigatoni with Erborinato blue cheese, matured ricotta and pine nuts

This Recipe box is packed with:  500g Organic Rigatoni, approximately 200g Erborinato blue cheese, approximately 200g ricotta mustia and 250ml fruity extra virgin olive oil.

The distinguished and luxurious flavour of our creamy yet crumbly Pecorino Erborinato blue cheese and matured ricotta combined is an experience we think everyone should try. Alongside the earthy character of pine nuts and our rustic and textured artisanal organic rigatoni pasta there’s no flaw in this exquisite dish. 

To follow along with a visual guide check out our video recipe here and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with even more new and innovative recipes from Chef Antonello. Buon Appetito!

recipe box rigatoni

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