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Recipe Box Pane Guttiau with Smoked Tuna


Deliciously simple and easy enough for anyone to have a go at. No cooking required for this light lunch. Make the taste buds tingle with this refreshing Pane Guttiau with Smoked Tuna. As a starter, snack or lunch, there’s no reason you shouldn’t spring at this chance to show off in the kitchen.

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Pane Guttiau with Smoked Tuna

This Recipe box is packed with: 250g of Pane Guttiau, 185g Organic Mayonnaise, 200g of Smoked Tuna and 250ml of extra virgin olive oil.

Refreshing and crunchy this dish is ready to add some magic in the simplest way. Longline caught Tuna smoked in the traditional way is so delicate it melts on the tongue. Artisan crispy music paper bread is the cracker that lasts longer than any other bread without the bloated feeling.

To follow along with a visual guide check out our video recipe here and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with even more new and innovative recipes from Chef Antonello. Buon Appetito!

Pane Guttiau with Smoked Tuna

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