Organic yellow Soya Beans 400g


Oragnic yellow soya beans grown in Italy are the store cupbiard essential you may not have known uyou needed until now.

Soya beans are globally famous for their versatility.



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Ideal for soups, salad and even making your own tofu there's no reason this beautifully natural legume shouldn't find it's way into one of your recipes. 

High in fibre and protein it's a fantastic substitute for meat in many vegan and vegetarian dishes. It's even repoted that regular soybean intake may lighten the symptoms of menopause and reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer.

Boiled soya beans are delicious why not try mashing them when boiled and seasoning to make vegan meatless balls to go alongside our artisanal chilli spaghetti.


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100% organic soya beans

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