Organic spelt and nettle soup 270g


If you’re looking to pack in some nutritional elements as well a rich earthly and nutty taste then you must try our organic Farro and Nettle soup. Made from Farro whole grains, root vegetables and nettles, this soup is another great vegan choice for a quick dinner dish.

Using heat treatment instead of added preservatives means you can store this product at room temperature. 

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Organic vegan spelt and nettle soup - Italian beans

We understand that finding a substance to keep your soup filling can always be a gruelling mission, Farro is usually identified as spelt although it is slightly different. Packed with vegetable protein this ancient grain can be traced back in Italian cooking nearly 20,000 years. Combined with nettles this soup is on a path to almost becoming a “super food”. Although in the wild, Nettles are known for causing irritation to skin, when cooked they taste similar to spinach making them popularly used in the same way. Nettles express many health benefits as they are bursting with nutrients and vitamins and even said to help against anaemia and respiratory problems. 

Ingredients: Spelled* 36%, vegetable broth* (water, sea salt, brown rice flour*, vegetables in variable proportions* 11%: onion*, carrots*, CELERY*, roasted onions*, parsnips*, yeast*, sunflower oil*, turmeric*, parsley*, spices*, pepper*, bay leaf*, lovage*), onion*, nettles* 6%, tomato pulp*, evo*, lentils*, sea salt, cane sugar*, black pepper*. *ORGANIC PRODUCT


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