Organic Dried Borlotti Beans 400g


Borlotti beans are a plump, speckled relative of the kidney bean. This dried, long-life product is perfect for storing in your kitchen cupboard until you need them. Beans are packed with important proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fibres, making them a fundamental part of both vegan and vegetarian diets. They are also a brilliant go to for meat eaters; their full flavours and smooth textures being perfect for enhancing your meaty soups and stews! 

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Organic Italian Beans - Organic Dried Borlotti Beans

Like most dried pulses, Borlotti beans must be soaked before use. We recommend soaking them overnight before adding to your recipe the following day. To cook the beans on their own, cover and simmer in water. You can add garlic, chilli, bayleaf or any of your favourite herbs or seasonings to make them extra tasty, and drizzle them with some olive oil or balsamic vinegar to taste. Now drain the beans, and add to any of our sauces or use the liquid as a base for a soup. 

Beans are an essential part of worldwide cuisines from Mexico to Africa so there is much for you to explore! For something a bit different, why not try making bean croquettes? Crush or blend cooked beans to a paste, season, form into small cakes and fry until brown in a light oil. Delicious!


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