Organic lentils and tomato soup 270g


Completely vegan and organic our lentil and tomato stew is a healthy and delicious soup and great to add in to pasta and rice dishes.

Hearty meals couldn’t be made any easier. Made only from organic lentils, tomato pulp, onion, water, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper and bay leaf there’s nothing but natural goodness in these delightful ready to heat and use packs.

In various regions of Italy lentils are a kitchen essential and a symbol of good luck and prosperity as they resemble little coins. 

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Organic lentils and tomato vegan soup

At Isola Buona we couldn’t feel luckier than to have this nutritious lentil and tomato stew on our shelves.

A fantastic combination with our organic and artisanal durum wheat creste di gallo pasta with some of our semi matured pecorino Monte Pisanu grated on top and cracked black pepper to season or even eaten as it comes for a hassle-free light lunch.

You won’t be disappointed to see what original recipes you can create with this versatile product. Casserole, pasta, stew, soup and much more, we challenge you to have a go. 


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270g jar
Free from allergens

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