Sardinian Mirto 20cl


The famed myrtle berries grow wild in abundance across the terrain of Sardinia. What better way to celebrate this natural fruit than to create a delicacy like our Mirto and capture the magic in these stunning hand decorated bottles. 

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After dinner digestive - Sardinian Mirto

Myrtle Liqueur is our go-to option for and after dinner digestive. With an almost savoury flavour this much-loved liqueur is the best way to give the gift of Sardinian culture in a bottle. 

Wherever you go in Sardinia, you’ll find Mirto offered as a “digestivo” after a meal. We recommend serving it chilled so you can savour its unique spicy sweetness and wonderful depth in flavour. For a true taste of Sardinia, chill your glasses before serving the Mirto. Once everyone’s cups are full it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other's company.


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water, sugar, alcohol, myrtle berry infusion (15% high concentration infusion)

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