Sardinian Grappa 20cl


These hand decorated bottles are a fabulous gift for loved ones. Our Filu é Ferru is a spirit with a fascinating story we know you’ll be excited to retell with a shot glass in hand. 

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Fili e Ferru - Sardinian Grappa

This historical spirit is named after the practise of burying it to be hidden as it was illegally distilled. To find the bottles again a wire was tied around the neck of the bottle and the other end left emerging from the ground. Filu é Ferru translates as iron wire.

No longer buried in the ground as the production of this delicacy is protected under EU law this classic grappa is beautifully presented in hand-painted bottles each designed with a unique emblem of Sardinia. Some decorated with the vast Nuraghes structures, the Sardinian Lapwing or even the inhabitants of our magical island.


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