Prickly Pear Liqueur


From spikey fruit to a delicacy of our native Island, our prickly pear liqueur will certainly be a special dessert liqueur to wind down with after a meal. 

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Fruit Liqueur - Prickly Pear Liqueur

Across Sardinia through the vast terrain of wildflowers and shrubs are clusters of cactus. Reaching up to a mighty 5 metres these plants and lined with the ripening prickly pear fruits. These succulents have become a hallmark of the Sardinian landscape and so naturally the locals have learnt to celebrate the glorious fruit they bare. Prickly pears are often sweet with a tendency to resemble a melon-like flavour. 

In Sardinia, the prickly pear liqueur is a truly traditional recipe made by distilling the fruit and adding sugar and lemon zest. 

This refreshing Liqueur is born of a fruit not just endorsed by convenience but noted also for it’s beneficial properties such as treating high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. In addition, prickly pears are also well known for their anti-inflammatory properties.


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Water, infusion of prickly pear, sugar, alcohol.
Free from allergens

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