Myrtle Liqueur 70cl


Myrtle liqueur, also known as ‘Mirto’, is a Sardinian speciality that visitors to the island love to try. Made from our free growing myrtle berries, these little blue gems are hard to find anywhere else in Europe. Myrtle berries are dark blue in colour and, since ancient times, have been considered to possess invigorating health properties. From these precious berries we make our delicious Mirto- a rich red-brown liqueur with just a hint of blue. 

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Mirto - Myrtle Liqueur

Wherever you go in Sardinia, you’ll find Mirto offered as a “digestivo” after a meal. We recommend serving it chilled so you can savour its unique spicy sweetness and wonderful depth in flavour. For a true taste of Sardinia, chill your glasses before serving the Mirto. Once everyone’s cups are full it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other's company. 

While myrtle liquor is too rare to be a part of popular cocktail traditions, it’s still the perfect substitute for any rich red liqueur and will fill your drinks with a unique, succulent sweetness. 

Mirto takes time to mature, reaching a high percentage of alcohol in the process. Ours is 30% ABV. 


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water, sugar, alcohol, myrtle berry infusion (15% high concentration infusion)
Free from allergens

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