Myrtle Cream Liqueur


If you’ve tried our delicious Sardinian Mirto and fallen in love with its exquisite, unique flavour, why not try our Myrtle Cream Liqueur? 



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Fruit liqueur - Myrtle Cream Liqueur

Myrtle Cream Liqueur is one of the most sumptuous ways to end a meal. This speciality product is made from Mirto, our famous island liqueur produced from myrtle berries. The berries give it a robust, spicy flavour which combines perfectly with the full richness of the cream. This succulently delicate combination of cream and berry is brilliant for complementing a strong black coffee at the end of a meal. 

Myrtle Cream Liqueur is the perfect unique but tasty choice for large family gatherings and festive occasions such as Christmas or New Year. It also makes a lovely present for friends and relatives who enjoy cream liqueurs. Why not surprise them with this original Sardinian gift as a birthday treat? 

Our liqueur can also be used in desserts for additional richness and flavour. It goes particularly well in sweet dishes using berries and cream. Why not also try adding some to your cocktails? Try it in a Martini recipe for something extra special!

 Our Myrtle Cream Liqueur is 17% ABV.


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