Fresh, zingy limoncello hardly needs an introduction these days. This lovely liqueur originated in the south of Italy around a hundred years ago and has now gone on to conquer the world. You’re likely to find limoncello cocktails in every sophisticated bar from Manhattan to Sydney. 



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Sardinian liqueur - Limoncello

Making limoncello is one of our island traditions. Even the scent of it evokes the warmth of a Sardinian lemon grove on a summer’s day. Choosing the right variety of lemon matters, since it is the lemon’s zest that gives the liqueur its sharp, clean taste. The peel is steeped in alcohol for thirty days to extract its essential oils, before being added to a sugary syrup. This added sweetness makes the liqueur more versatile than lemon juice for cooking and making drinks. After another forty days and a filtration process, we're ready to pour a glass as a “digestivo” (a drink to aid digestion) at the end of a meal. 

We like to serve our limoncello chilled as it’s so refreshing. You can also use it in baking (to make flavoured pastries for instance) or to give your cakes a boost. We’ve heard that people like to drizzle a little over ice cream too! 

Our Sardinian lemon liqueur is 28% ABV.


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