Lemon Cream Liqueur


Do you love the taste of limoncello but also enjoy a creamy liqueur? Our Lemon Cream Liqueur has all the zesty freshness of our beloved limoncello as well as the smoothness of creamy milk. We enjoy it both as an aperitivo before dinner as well as a digestivo at the end of a meal.

That's when we can truly relax and savour this delicious combination of lemon and cream whilst enjoying the conversation of family and friends. 

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We suggest you keep our delightfully scented Lemon Cream Liqueur refrigerated so you can drink it cold- preferably in chilled glasses. There are many different ways to serve this delectable liqueur. Drizzle it over chocolate ice cream, cake, or add it to your favourite cheesecake or trifle recipe. You could also serve it splashed over some fresh summer fruit. 

We particularly love our Lemon Cream Liqueur poured over a bowl of raspberries along with some dark chocolate- it’s utterly divine! 

It’s also brilliant in cocktails- try mixing it with a measure of cassis or raspberry syrup and some sparkling wine or traditional soda. Our Lemon Cream Liqueur is 17% ABV.


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