Filu e Ferru 70cl


Sardinia is an island with many tales. With a land loved by it’s inhabitants since ancient history it’s not surprising that our food and drink reflects these stories and often become the happy ending, such as in the case of our Sardinian Grappa, “Filu é Ferru”.

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Sardinian grappa - Filu e Ferru

Sardinian grappa “Filu é Ferru” is a spirit made by the distilling of spent grape skins discarded from the wine making. Historically it was known as a peasant drink, only consumed by farmers and shepherds with the brawn to endure the throat burning sensation. 

Named after it’s history, Grappa was a spirit most commonly illegally distilled by the notoriously famed and often celebrated “Banditti”. Lawless men involved in the theft of livestock and other crimes along with the illegal production of this modern delicacy. To hide the bottles, they were buried in the ground with wire tied around the neck of the bottle poking from the earth to make them easy to find again. The practise was so well introduced that the grappa shortly became named after it – Filu é Ferru, meaning “iron wire”. 

Today after much commercialisation in the 70’s this drink has become so iconic that the production is now protected under EU law. 

Why not grab a bottle of Sardinian history and share the tale after dinner with friends and family!


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