Organic Red Lentil Fusilli 250g


The attraction of eating gluten free doesn’t always stem from intolerance. Perhaps you are just looking to find a healthier alternative to regular pasta with a higher nutritional value. Well, our organic, gluten free, vegan red lentil pasta does just that. 

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Gluten Free pasta - Organic Red Lentil Fusilli

Made only from red lentil flour this incredible product will have your body congratulating your food choices. Slightly sweet and nutty flavour isn’t all this pasta has to offer, it’s a great source of protein, iron and fibre and actually counts towards one of your five a day. 

Among the nutritional benefits is the fact that red lentil is high in magnesium which is great for heart health and lowering cholesterol. If you’re a looking to make a switch to healthier food options these vibrant red twirls are the cupboard essential suitable for everyone. 

Try it with any of our beautiful artisan sauces like our organic porcini mushroom sauce for a mouthful of healthy yum!


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Red lentil flour *, water *ORGANIC PRODUCT
May contain: Soya

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