Organic Biotwins with Vanilla Cream


For an utterly delicious, organic, gluten free and vegan snack why not try our Biotwin sandwich cookies with vanilla cream. Made from only vegetable ingredients, these twin biscuits will satisfy your sweet cravings without leaving the guilt.

Perfect for those with intolerances or just looking for a more natural solution.



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Gluten free - Organic biotwins with Vanilla cream

Made with the delicacy of rice flour and the intensity of vanilla, they will make every break tasty.

If you were looking for a good reason to switch form your usual biscuits to these specialities, we can name a few: reducing your gluten intake can result in reducing irritations such as headaches and bloating and improves areas we sometimes forget to pay attention to such as bone health.

We all deserve some indulgence once in a while and these biscuits are the perfect way to spoil yourself whilst taking care of you. Dunk them, share them and enjoy them! 


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Rice flour *, cane sugar *, corn starch *, coconut oil *, potato starch *, corn flour *, sunflower oil *, cocoa powder *, glucose syrup *, tartrates of potassium, natural vanilla flavor *, xanthan gum; sea ​​salt, sunflower lecithin * *ORGANIC PRODUCT
May contain: Soya

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