Organic Truffle Salami 100g


Our outstanding organic truffle salame is one of our most popular and proudly authentic Italian products. We strongly believe that our cured meats should be as natural as possible. This salame is dairy free, gluten free and entirely organic. 



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Truffle Salami

Salame and truffles are renowned as some of the most famous Italian deli products in the world, both can be dated back to the age of renaissance Italy. Whilst pork was a staple source of nutrition, truffles were a luxury served to the high ruling families. Today truffle still holds an essence of exclusivity.

Our salame is made from lean meat and rich fat, minced to a fine consistency. The mixture is cured with salt and infused with black truffle fragments before being hand tied and left to mature. Excellent for slicing and incorporating as part of an antipasti with Pane Carasau and our organic vegetables in oil. This stunning product is also wonderfully paired alongside a refreshing glass of Sardinian Cannonau red wine.


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100g approx
Italian pork meat*, sea salt, black truffle*/Tuber Aestivum vitt 1%, cane sugar*, spices* *ORGANIC PRODUCT
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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