Mortadella With Pistachio IGP 100g


If you're familiar with mortadella, the tasty cooked Italian luncheon meat, you'll enjoy our very special IGP mortadella with pistachio. 

Mortadella is made from ground pork meat and has a long and fascinating history. It is a delicious choice when making a mouth-watering lunchtime meal in a crusty roll.

We love it on our crispy pane carasau with a splash of balsamic vinegar drizzled on top.



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Mortadella With Pistachio

Mortadella was originally a Bolognese speciality, and ours has IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) status, showing its authenticity and Emilia-Romagna is still the heartland of its production. The traditional way to make mortadella was by grinding the meat with a pestle and mortar, and archaeological evidence suggests that a similar product was made in this way in Roman times. 

Authentic mortadella should include a given percentage of fat to enhance the taste, and pistachios. Myrtle berries and black pepper, were used historically as flavourings as well as coriander and garlic. It's possible that the myrtle berries gave the yummy sausage its name, from the Latin myrtus, myrtle.


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100g approx
Pork meat, aromas, salt, spices, gelling, carrageenan, dextrose, antioxidant; sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrate, pistachio (NUT)
NUTS: Pistachio

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