Lonza Meat 100g


If you're looking for a very special cut of meat to serve as a gourmet antipasto, "Lonza Sarda" meat, the premium cut of cured pork tender loin from Sardinia, turns a meal into a feast. It's mouth-wateringly sweet and tender with just a hint of pepper to make it special. 

Lean and delicately cut, it's superb with other meats, cheeses, pane carasau and of course a delicious glass of wine from our selection. Add some olive oil for flavour and a lunchtime meal turns into an elegant brunch!



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Lonza Meat

The outstanding quality of Lonza meat makes every day exceptional. The trick is to serve it in thin slices so that each bite melts in the mouth. 

Sometimes the meat is flavoured with fennel, another Sardinian favourite. Lonza served with pecorino cheese is a spring special that celebrates the end of winter, since it's the last cured meat of the previous season. 


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100g approx
Pork loin, salt, dextrose, saccharose, spices, anti-oxidant: ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, preservatives: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.
Free from allergens

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