Italian Porchetta 100g


Porchetta is a nourishing savoury meat. With pork being the meat of choice and convenience in ancient Italy it’s said that this rolled roasted joint was cooked in a dug pit for hours and served to roman soldiers as hearty food. 



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Italian Porchetta

Many deli classics stem from food that graced the bellies of the poorer classes or labourers. With low incomes, affording the prime cut wasn’t feasible, so the peasants and workers had creative ideas for the fifth parts (organ meats). Our porchetta is a delicious modern representation of Italian flavours and waste-less attitude when it comes to cooking.

This moist and boneless roll of pork is slow roasted for at least 8 hours and stuffed with an array of seasonings for a rustic aroma. For the hog roast lovers out there, this traditional speciality is certainly one to try. A sweet and delicate meat perfect in a roll or on our Pane Carasau and divinely paired with a rich Cannonau red wine.





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100g approx
Pork meat, salt, spices, dextrose, saccharose, anti-oxidative: ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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