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Cooked Ham with Herbs 100g

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If you’re searching for a high-quality roasted ham that proves it’s different in every mouthful then give our “Grigliata Fruilana” a try. Naturally moist as a results of slow roasting in a saturated steam oven, this artisan recipe combined with generations of expertise has this herby delicacy ready to melt in the mouth.



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Perfect for filling rolls and sandwiches or as a special feature antipasto meat this ham is delicately aromatic and will compliment any of our young and semi matured pecorinos. Our roasted ham is produced with fresh pig thigh, deboned by hand and furthermore, hand tied to uphold the integrity of its traditional preparation process and centuries-old recipe.

Enriched with herbs and spices such as rosemary and pepper these fragrant characteristics are heightened and fused into the juicy meat whilst cooking. Free from GMO’s, dairy and also gluten free this deli special really stands out from the crowd.


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Pork meat, salt, dextrose, spices and herbs, preservative: sodium nitrite, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
Free from allergens, Gluten free

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